100% made in the USA, Seattle,WA  

*durable ballistic outer material 

*dual upper putter pocket (4 in the Go To position, 8 or 10 in the lowered position)
*2 mini pockets 

*4 pencil pockets 

*scorecard pocket 

*back storage area large enough for a jacket, rain pants & heavy fleece, plus more *6+ mollie straps

*2 interior mesh pockets 

*water bladder compatible  

*quick release backpack straps 

*hard plastic lining on sides, top and bottom 

*bottom hard plastic rails to keep raised off ground 

*umbrella holder 

*stool holder 
*2 large outer water bottle pockets 

*room for 20+ discs

*Warranty included


  • Gearing up for our next production run. Feel free to pre order to ensure you get your hands on a KRAKEN!

  • One year warranty for pre mature manufacturing defects on all Chainbanger bags. Manufacturing defects will be fixed or the item will be replaced. Customer should save receipt/confirmation number for proof of purchase. Normal or excessive wear and tear are not covered under warranty. Customer pays for return shipping and Chainbangers will pay for the product to be returned to customer.



11050 10th Ave SW Seattle WA 98146