Thank you for interest in Battle of Seattle! A little history and info about BOS, here.#5 was,to date,one of the states largest disc golf tournaments! We also were able to capture the attention of quite a few well known world champs and touring pros. THANKS to ALL participants and THANKS to all sponsors and volunteers!!    RESULTS


CHUCK MINTZ, for not only being a champion,but for setting the bar that much higher and becoming one helluva TD for RWM and North Seatac Dosc Golf Courses. YOU RAWK!!

Ty Busey Fremont Brewing Co, for making it happen during awards ceremony and helping raise funds for Discovering Open Spaces. 

Ryan Fitts @ Hellbent Brewing Co. for making one of the coolest fundraiser possible,that Discovering Open Spaces and Battle of Seattle have ever been a part of.   

Robb Jones-Gunn and David Raub @ Splinter & Slag for fabricating up some top notch tee signs and putting them in the ground super quick!Also for creating some of the BEST disc golf trophies EVER!!

Trevor Pierson @ Heavy Resturant Group catering and serving up some top notch grub for everyone.

Turis Corning @ Corningwear for printing up some sweet shirts in a short amount of time!

Thanks Will Schusterick and Catrina Allen for the clinic !

For the true rockstars who put in time at the courses beforehand: Team Lakewood!!! Rich Riser,Dana Ettiene,Jeff Maison,Terry Burgoyne,Nick DeMercy,Tim Coye,Scott Malone,Doug Hale,Charles Pollock,Christine Huestis,Jason Radan,Jamie Cordova,Chuck Mintz,Eric Edgerton,& Ernie Davis. 

THANKS FOR THE absolute CHAMPIONS who helped during the event:

Saturday @ TAC with Chuck Mintz, Tim Coye,Ron Weimer,Jamie Cordova,Noah Kandler,Jason and Drew Dotson

at RWM with Keith Lionetti Saturday and Sunday: Dana Ettiene,Robbi Drahos,Nick DeMercy,Daniel Ewing,and Ron Werner.

Thanks Washington Team Golf for the baskets @ TAC! 

Thanks to ALL who contributed by means of Karma Contributions and Tee Signs.

Hope to see you ALL for Battle of Seattle 6!!





11050 10th Ave SW Seattle WA 98146