Basket Adoption Program

What exactly is the purpose of adopting a basket? What are the specifics,and are there any currently up for adoption? Currently we offer this program at one course. North Seatac Disc Golf Course. The main purpose is to offer YOU,an opportunity to own a piece of Pacific Northwest Disc Golf history.As well as get yourself recognition on the course,and help the course fitted with new baskets.

In exchange for $420 you get the old basket(out of production,and no longer available)to put in your back yard/front yard, wherever you choose.You also get your name on the back of the new basket number plate (like the pictures shown here of existing ones). 

Some years ago a member of the seattle disc golf community left this world,too soon. Prior to his departure he was well on his way to making some baskets. Not able to get them fully into production,Dan "cool shoes" Raynard was able to fabricate and weld some up that were, up until may 2018, still in play @ North Seatac Disc Golf Course.  

These baskets were referred to as "no nubs" for that reason... there were no nubs. Pretty clean look about them. Dan was certainly ahead of his time,as he created decades ago,what just recently,some of the most popular basket manufacturers had created. An overall deeper basket, that creates a smaller "target" to aim at.

If this interests you and you would like to Adopt-A-Basket please feel free to reach out( to nail down specifics. Currently there are only 2 baskets that remain available. Hole #13 and 16.

Stay tuned for existing or new courses offering this programs similarities.  


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